Before you begin make sure you have the latest Drivers and Firmware installed which are downloadable from our website here: the Downloads tab and scroll down).Included in the Firmware download is a USB Control Panel for the FCA1616 which will run on your PC.Run the FCA1616 USB Control Panel and make the connection to your PC via USB or FireWire cable.You should now see the device connection status.FCA4.pngWhen using PC you have the option to run the FCA1616 in either MASTER or SLAVE mode depending on how you setup the clock source:1: If using the FCA as clock source then you will set need to set it to MASTER mode.2: If using the ADA as clock source then the FCA should be set to SLAVE mode. Here's how it's done:Make sure the ADAT option is selected on the front panel of the FCA1616 by pressing the DIGITAL SELECT button. Pressing the DIGITAL SELECT button will cycle through the options.FCA4.jpg Select the Synchronisation tab in the Control Panel.FCA1.pngSelect the required sample rate from the Sample Rate drop down menu and click Apply. (Make sure to select the same Sample Rate for both the FCA and the ADA)FCA2.png Now select either Optical Input (SLAVE mode) or Device Internal (MASTER mode) from the Clock Source drop down menu and click Apply.FCA3.png Once the required settings have been made with the FCA1616 connect the ADA8000/8200 to the FCA1616 using a Toslink Optical cable.Now set the ADA8000/8200 to act as either SLAVE or MASTER by setting the selection switch on the rear of the unit.ADA1.jpgIf you require the ADA8000/8200 to be connected as SLAVE connect the Toslink cable to the ADA8000/8200's ADAT IN and the SYNC to SLAVE ADAT IN.Now connect to the FCA1616's ADAT OUT (9-16) Toslink connection.Make sure your DAW's clock is set the same as the setting you made for either the FCA1616 or ADA8000/8200 clock sync depending on which you are using for MASTER.