new logo JPEG.jpgX32Series.jpg                 It can be the case with some USB keys/sticks that the normal procedure of loading firmware (plugging in the key to the USB slot and powering up the X32) may not always work. If you are having this issue then we would suggest trying a different method, please read below for details.
  - Load the X32 Core (Firmware file) file onto a USB key/stick (preferably free of any other files). Make sure it is formatted to FAT 32 format. (For details of how to do this please see this article: How Do I Format My USB Drive For The X32   - While pressing and holding the 'VIEW' button in the USB section of the X32 power on the mixer.   power on@.jpg   - The screen will then load and the text "Waiting for USB drive" will appear, you can now let go of the 'VIEW' button in the USB section.   IMG_3183.JPG     - Insert the USB stick/key into the USB port and the desk should instantly start loading the Firmware. If nothing happens at this stage then the USB stick/key may not be compatible. Try a different USB stick or re-try formatting to FAT32.