Connecting X32's via AES50  
  1. First thing to do when linking consoles together is making one console a Master and the other a Slave. This is done by pressing SETUP, tabbing to Config- Under Synchronization have one console set to Local (master) and the other AES50 A Port (Slave).
  2. A typical MON & FOH console setup would consist of plugging your microphones into the monitor console (near stage) then run one CAT 5 cable (AES50 A Port, for example) from the Monitor console to the Front of House console. By default, Channels are set to Local.
  3. Press the ROUTING button, then stay on the HOME tab. Change the Inputs to AES50 A 1-8, AES50 A 9-16, AES50 A 17-24, AES50 A 25-32. The console will now have the same signal the monitor console has.




How to setup X32 in FOH + MON config to where FOH outs come out of MON console to speakers.


One way to do this:

- When using 2 X32s together as you described, the console that has the Mics physically connected to it is the one controlling the gain (in your scenario, this would be the monitor console).

- The FOH console would have a digital trim of + or - 12dB.

- To assign the FOH Main Output to the outputs on the Monitor desk takes a few steps.


On the FOH Console:

1.  On the ROUTING menu, go to the "analog out" tab. Assign your Main LR to Out 1+2.

2.  Tab over to the "AES50" tab (use A or B depending which AES50 port you are using on the FOH console)

3.  Route "Out 1-8" to Outputs 1-8.


On the Monitor Console:

1.  First you need to bring the signal in from the AES50 stream before it can be re-routed to the console's outputs.

2.  Go to the "home" screen of the ROUTING menu.

3.  The last column will allow you to bring AES50 into Aux 1-4.

4.  Now, tab over to the "analog out" page.

5. Chose the outputs you wish to use for Mains, and assign them to DirOut Aux 1 and DirOut Aux 2.

6.  On this same page, you can assign the mix busses from your MON console to the appropriate outputs.