When routing effects either a mono or stereo linked MixBus must be used, in this example we will use a stereo linked MixBus (i.e 2 mono MixBuses linked). It is easiest to think of the Mixbus in this case as a conventional Aux/FX send channel. Select a 'MixBus' (in this case we will use MixBus 01) 02.jpg-          Next we will link MixBus 01 with MixBus 02 so we have a stereo MixBus/FX Send channel. Once the MixBus is selected go to the 'config' tab and press the 'Link' button as seen in the image below.(Please note a single/mono MixBus can of course be used should you want to only have a mono FX send channel .These instructions work for both cases) 04.jpg05.jpg06.jpg-Also on the 'config' tab you can select weather you want the MixBus to be Pre EQ, Post EQ, Pre Fader, Post Fader or make it a Subgroup channel.08.jpg-Go to the 'EFFECTS' page via the main navigation panel07.jpg-          Select the effect you wish to use and then apply the MixBus send to that effect. ( In this case we use our Stereo linked MixBus 01 & 02 with the 'Vintage Room' reverb unit in FX Slot 1) 09.jpg-Next select which ever channels you wish to send to the effect (In this case we will send channel 1)10.jpg-Then we will send the signal to Mixbus (01&02) by using the 'BUS SENDS' section (when the channel is selected). (Please note when sending to a stereo bus the 1st send always refers to the send amount and the 2nd send refers to the pan. When using mono busses there is no pan function)11.jpg-You will now see that the send amount is visible on the channel home page.12.jpg-The signal will now be visible on the MixBus meters.13.jpgPlease note another method to send the channel signals to the MixBuses is to use the 'SENDS ON FADERS' function. Please refer to the manual for detailed instructions on how to do this. -Next press the 'AUX IN/USB FX RETURNS' to view the effects return channels14.jpg-Next step is to raise the level of the effects return 1&2 (you will see that the faders are already linked).15.jpg-Next select the FX return so that we can view the channel page. 16.jpg-Press the 'STEREO BUS' button so that the effects return channel is sent to the Main Stereo Bus L+R.17.jpg-          As we have used a stereo Bus the effects return channel 1 will automatically pan hard left and effects return channel 2 will be panned hard right.18.jpg-Repeat the same step for the (right) effects return channel 2. -Congratulations you have now setup an effects send and return routed to the main mix.