Start by connecting an ECM8000 mic (or equivalent) to the RTA/MIC input on the DEQ2496, then turn on power to the unit.


  • Press the I/O button, and go to page 3 in the menu. Use the large DATA WHEEL to select RTA/MIC as the input.

  • Use softkey A to select 'MIC'.

  • Use softkey B to highlight mic +15 V (to apply phantom power to the mic).

  • Press the RTA button.

  • Use the top small DATA WHEEL to adjust the MAX parameter (to set the 'top' range of signal that can be viewed in the display. A suggested starting setting is '-60 dB'.

  • At this point, you can use the large DATA WHEEL to select a frequency at which you wish to view the dB level in the display. A suggested starter setting is '90 dB'.

  • Use the bottom small DATA WHEEL to determine how much dynamic range in dB is visible in the display.

  • Press the RTA button to go to page 2 in the menu, and use soft key A to determine the 'refresh' speed (FAST, MID, SLOW, or AVRG) for the dB level readings in the display. We recommend starting with 'MID' or 'SLOW'.

  • Use soft key B to determine how signal peaks are shown in the display. You can choose between FAST, MID, SLOW, HOLD, or OFF.