new logo JPEG.jpg   In the unfortunate event that your BEHRINGER product does not perform as expected or according to specifications, please note the following information which may help get you back up and running or avert any need to return your product for investigation at one of our authorised service centres.   FACTORY RESET:   Performing a factory reset is often a simple yet effective way of identifying the root cause of any problems you may be experiencing. Factory reset instructions can be found in our Knowledge Base. Follow the link below and scroll to 'R' for 'Reset' for a comprehensive list:    Behringer Knowledge Base   FIRMWARE UPDATE:   It is considered best practice to keep the firmware on your product up to date and a firmware update can often return a product to expected behaviour and improve performance.   Please refer to the following Knowledge Base article to locate Firmware for your product; an installation guide should be contained within the download.   Downloads-Where Can I Download The Firmware For My Behringer Product   If you are unable to find a firmware update for your product or are unsure of the process for updating the firmware please contact us via the link at the end of this article.   DRIVERS:   For USB interfaces it is important to ensure that you have the latest compatible product driver for your operating system installed. The following article shows how to find drivers for your product:   Downloads-Where Can I Download Drivers For My Behringer Product   CABLES:   Problematic cables can sometimes cause unexpected behaviour therefore  it is important to try different cables and/or/ input and output devices, to eliminate this possibility. For example:   Input not working= Try a different cable and microphone/instrument. Output not working= Try a different cable and speaker. USB not connecting= Try a different USB cable, port or computer.   QUICK START GUIDE & PRODUCT  MANUAL:   It is always good practice to familiarise yourself a product  quick start guide or manual as it can be easy to overlook settings or configurations which could lead to a product behaving in an unexpected manner. Use the article below for a guide on where to find documentation for your product:   Downloads-Where Can I Download The Manual And Specifications Of My BEHRINGER Product   REMEMBER WE ARE HERE TO HELP:   If you have completed these steps and are still having difficulty using or configuring your product and uou would like assistance  please reach out to our Technical Support team using the link below: