The following steps will allow you to connect your Mac laptop to the X32 directly, without the use of a wireless router.  This requires firmware update 1.12 or later.

1.  Connect one side of an Ethernet cable to the Remote Control port of the X32 and the other side to your laptop
2.  Open System Preferences on the Mac
3.  Click on Network
4.  In the Network window, select Ethernet
5.  Select "Manually" in the Configure IPv4 drop-down menu
6.  Set the IP address to anything other than what the X32 is set to.  For example, if the X32 is set to that is the only IP address you cannot put into this field
7.  Set the Subnet Mask to
8.  On the X32 navigate to the SETUP menu and NETWORK tab
9.  Verify the IP address you've set for the X32 and that the Subnet mask is set to and the Gateway is set to
10.  Open the XControl software on the laptop
11.  Enter the IP address from the X32 into the IP Address field of the XControl software
12.  Click Connect

At this point the laptop is connected directly to the X32.