MAIN FEATURES  
  • 12-band automatic feedback suppressor
  • Mic preamp with +48V phantom power
  • Variable delay line up to 2.5 seconds
  • Compressor with density and speed adjustments
  • Noise gate with Learn function
  • Adjustable low-cut filter
  Using the Feedback Destroyer Learn Mode   1.Hit FILTER button to cycle through menu options. 2.When dB light is on, select amount of attenuation (-3dB to 48dB) using UP and DOWN arrow keys. 3.When dB light is off, select amount of sensitivity (1-100) using UP and DOWN arrow keys (100 represents high sensitivity). 4.Hold the FILTER key until all parameter lights at the top are illuminated. 5.Using UP and DOWN arrow keys, choose how many filters will be assigned to permanent feedback suppression. All others will be continuously searching for feedback when ACTIVE button is illuminated. 6.Press FILTER once more to activate filter learn mode. 7.Hold a mic toward a speaker, generating feedback which will be suppressed by the SHARK. 8.As feedback frequencies are found, the indicator lights for each filter stop flashing. To cancel further searching, press the FILTER key. 9.To reconfigure filters, hold RESET button until all parameter lights at the top are illuminated. The filters will be set to automatic search mode.   The Ultra Increment Method   1.Choose any parameter where there is a big numeric difference between minimum and maximum (delay line settings work well). 2.Press and hold the UP or DOWN arrow keys. 1.While holding the above button, press the opposite direction button a couple of times. Each press makes the numbers increase or decrease at a faster rate.   Using the Delay Line 1.Determine the distance between the speakers in feet or meters. 2.Press DELAY button until chosen method is illuminated. 3.Using UP and DOWN arrow keys, choose the distance amount.   Using the Noise Gate Learn Function   1.With no program material going through the system, press and hold GATE button until all parameter lights at the top are lit. 2.The DSP110 will automatically adjust the gate threshold to suppress any unwanted noise.   Using the Compressor 1.Press the COMPRESSOR button until the light is illuminated. 2.Using the UP and DOWN arrow keys, choose amount of compressor attack and release desired (10-1000msec). 3.Press the COMPRESSOR button. 4.Using the UP and DOWN arrow keys, choose compression density (1-100).