new logo JPEG.jpgX32Series Smaller.jpg For the X32 to recognize a a USB drive it needs to be formatted to the FAT format.  Either FAT format or FAT32 work fine. In this guide we will cover how to format a USB drive to FAT on a PC and also a MAC.   Formatting a USB drive on PC   - Plug the USB drive into a spare USB port and then open Explorer.    - On the USB drive icon 'right click' and select 'Format', a window will then open, click the drop down box labeled 'File System'. You will see a choice of NTFS, FAT, FAT 32 and exFAT. Select either FAT (the most commonly used) or FAT32.   Format01.png Format02.png                                         -Once the FAT/FAT32 format is selected choose if you want to do a Quick Format or if not un-tick that option. All you need to do now is press the 'Start' button and the format process will be begin.   Formatting a USB drive on MAC   - Plug the USB drive into a spare USB port, open Finder then search for the Application 'Disk Utility' and launch it.   - Once the Disk Utility launches select your USB Disk in the left hand column, select the tab 'Erase'. Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 15.59.06.png     - In the drop down box for the 'Format' select 'MS-DOS (FAT)'. Enter a name for your USB drive should you wish to. Then hit the 'Erase' button.  Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 15.59.28.png   - Finally a confirmation box will pop up. Hit the 'Erase' button to complete the process.   Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 15.59.51.png