Transforming is a DJ term used to describe the copping up of sound to create dramatic effects.  Traditionally this is done by rapidly moving a crossfader to give a stuttering or "gated" effect, either between two music sources, or one source and silence.  Another DJ trick is to use the channel faders or channel on buttons to chop one music track over another.  These methods are still valid, but if you are looking for instantaneous transforming action, check out our ergonomic alternative - a pair of big assignable PUNCH/CUT buttons.  We are sure you will grow to love their speed and ease of operation.
PUNCH and CUT are two transform modes selectable by the TRANSFORM MODE button.  A pair of LEDs let you know whether PUNCH or CUT are active.  The X and Y PUNCH/CUT buttons and are ergonomically situated by the crossfader with which they are designed to work.  CUT mode enables the big buttons to be used as mutes for interesting gating effects, temporarily silencing th X or Y output.  In PUNCH mode the PUNCH 1 button introduces the 1 signal to the mix, while the PUNCH 2 button brings in the 2 signal.  This means you can add in bits and beats from 1 on top of 2 and vice versa, opening up your scope for creative mixing.