FCB1010: Accessing a non-sequential preset from another MIDI device

In this example well set the FCB1010 to DIRECT SELECT disabled mode, and program preset 5 in Bank 0 to send a MIDI Program Change message to call up preset 30another device.  You would start by connecting from the MIDI OUT/THRU jack on the FCB1010 to the MIDI IN jack on the other device.

Setting the FCB1010 to work in DIRECT SELECT disabled mode:

(This also covers selection of the MIDI transmit channel)

1. Reset all presets on the FCB1010 by holding footswitches 1 and 6 while powering up.  The display will show numbers that cycle from .0.9 to 00.
2. Press and hold the DOWN switch during a second power-up to enter the GLOBAL SETUP mode.  The green DIRECT SELECT LED will be lit up.  If footswitch 10 is lit up, press it to turn it off, and the FCB1010 will be set for use in DIRECT SELECT disabled mode.
3. Press the UP switch to go to the next level, and the green MIDI FUNCTION LED in the GLOBAL CONFIGURATION portion of the display will start to flash.
4. Press footswitch 1.  The LED for that footswitch will flash and 01 will appear in the display.
5. Press the UP switch and the green MIDI CHAN LED will light up.
6. Press footswitches 0 and 1, so that 01 appears in the display.
7. Press the UP switch again to confirm the chosen MIDI channel.
8. Press and hold the DOWN switch until 00 appears in the display, and you will have left the GLOBAL SETUP menu.
9. Set the other MIDI device to respond to MIDI channel 1 if it isnt already.


Selecting an FCB1010 preset and programming it to select a different preset number on the other MIDI device: 1. Now well select the BANK and PRESET number to be used on the FCB1010.  Use the BANK UP and/or DOWN switches to make 00 appear in the display (to select Bank 0). 2. Press footswitch 5 on the FCB1010 to light up its LED, and preset 5 will be selected. 3. Press and hold the DOWN switch for about 2 ½ seconds to enter the PRESET programming mode.  The number in the display will disappear, and the green SWITCH 1/SWITCH 2 LED will flash. 4. Press the UP switch and the green SELECT LED will light up. 5. At this point, if the LED on footswitch 1 isnt lit, press and hold the switch for about 1 ½ seconds until it is lit.  We have now selected Program Change Command #1 (shown as PRG CHG 1 on footswitch 1). 6. Press footswitch 1 briefly and it will start to flash. 7. Confirm the MIDI function by pressing the UP switch, and the NUMBER LED will light up. 8. Use the footswitches to make 30 appear in the display (this is the program number you want to access on the other MIDI unit). 9. Confirm your selection by pressing the UP switch, and the SELECT LED will light up. 10. Leave the PRESET programming mode by pressing and holding the DOWN switch until a red dot appears in the display, followed by a number. The programming steps are now complete. 11. Use the BANK UP and/or BANK DOWN  switches to choose bank 0 (00 will appear in the display, then press footswitch 5 to light it up, and preset 30 on your other MIDI device should be called up.  Dont be alarmed if preset 29 is called up on the other MIDI device, as the FCB110 starts with preset 0 and other units can start with preset 1.  Modify step #8 above if needed.