The Solo Options determine what signal arrives at the monitor outputs. As you cycle through the solo options using the 2nd rotary encoder, a description will appear describing what that option does. Options include the ability to Use Master Fader for solo, which is handy when using the X32 as a Monitor console.1. Press view near the Monitor section of the console to access the Monitor options.2. Use the second rotary encoder to highlight Use Master Fader and click. When using a Cue Wedge you may want to try exclusive solo. This allows you to quickly switch your monitoring source by pressing the SOLO button on any individual mix bus or channel.3. Connect your Cue Wedge to the dedicated monitor output on the X32, remember that this monitor wedges volume is controlled by the Monitor Level knob in the Master section.Note: Alternatively, assign the Monitor output to any of the 16 XLR outputs via the analog out page of the ROUTING Menu. This will bypass the dedicated monitor volume control.