new logo JPEG.jpg   Should you wish to secure your X Air mixers built in ACCESS POINT WiFi network so that a password is required to connect you do so using the following steps:   1) Whilst connected to the mixer on your in the app go into the 'SETUP' screen.   2) Select the 'NETWORK' tab.   3) Under 'ACCESS POINT' (right of the screen) select 'WEP' instead of 'OPEN'.                               4) In the 'KEY' box under 'WEP' enter your passcode please note this has to be either 5 or 13 characters long. Then click APPLY.   5) Turn the XR18 off then on again.   6) Now when you go to connect to the XR18 in your device in your network preferences you will have to enter the passcode before you can connect to the mixer. The same will apply to any other device trying to connect.