NewKBlogoPNG.pngXR18_P0BI8_Right_XL.png     Using EFFECT SENDS:   If you wish to send a channel to any number of the 4 FX slots available on the X AIR Edit app for iPad you just need to follow this simple process:   1) Select the channel you wish to send to the effect. 2) Click the 'Sends tab' at the top of the app.  3) There are 4 EFFECT SEND faders, 1 for each FX send available. You can send 1 channel to a maximum of 4 FX slots.   FX SENDS.jpg   4) The 4 default effects are: Vintage Room Reverb, Hall Reverb, Modulation Delay, Dimensional Chorus. These can be changed in the EFFECTS tab on the main page. 5) Just click the EDIT button on the effect slot you wish to change and the full list of effects will be displayed to choose from.   FX EDIT.jpgFX SELECT.jpg   Please note the effects returns are located on the lower fader bank they are the 4 faders furthest to the right.   Alternatively, you can send multiple channels to the same effect by using the 'sends on fader function'. If you click FX1, for example, on the bottom right of the screen then your lower bank of faders is controlling how much of each channel is being sent to FX1. This is a quicker way around then going into the FX send of each channel individually.   SEND ON FADERS.jpg     Using EFFECT INSERT:   To use an effect as an insert you need to go through the following steps:   1) Select the channel you wish to insert your effect on. 2) Click the 'Insert' tab at the top of the app.   FX INSERT.jpg   3) Select the effect you want to insert from the list by scrolling. These effects again can be changed in the EFFECTS screen on the main page. 4) Click the insert bypass button so it is highlighted.   INSERT BYPASS BUTTON.jpg   5) Go to the EFFECTS screen in the main page and click the insert bypass button so it is highlighted.   MAIN EFFECT BYPASS.jpg   Your effect is now inserted on the channel.