In this example, we will create two presets with settings for three lights, and each light will be on a separate DMX channel.   Preliminary steps: Set up your DMX dimmer pack(s) so that three lights will respond to messages sent by LC2412 DMX channels 1 through 3. Pull all LC2412 faders down.   The demonstration:

1. Power up the dimmer pack and the LC2412.


2. Press the QUIT button on the LC2412 to interrupt any other programming that may be in progress.


3. Use the LC2412 UP and DOWN buttons to make 'P' appear in the BANK display.  It will flash for a few seconds, then stop when the unit is in preset mode. The CH FLASH LED will also be lit at this point.


4. Push up the MAIN and A faders, and then use faders 1, 2, and 3 in the A PRESET fader section to create a stage design with the three lights.


5. To create a second preset in the B MEMORY section, start by pulling down the A fader and pushing up the B fader.


6. Use the 1, 2, and 3 faders in the B MEMORY fader section to create a stage design with the lights.  Make the design something different from the one used with your first preset.


7. If you push up the A fader and pull down the B fader, you will crossfade between the two presets.