You can connect an EQUALIZER or COMPRESSOR to your PMP6000.

Cables needed: four x 1/4" TS ("tip-sleeve", unbalanced) instrument cables.

  1. Find the left and right MAIN OUT 1 jacks on your PMP6000. These are located on the TOP of your PMP6000, NOT the rear panel. Please do not ever connect ANYTHING other than passive (non-powered) speakers to the SPEAKON connectors on the rear panel of your PMP6000!

2. Connect from the MAIN OUT 1 of your PMP6000 to the INPUTS of your equalizer.

3. Connect from the OUTPUTS of your equalizer to the POWER AMP INSERT jacks found on the top panel of your PMP6000. Please note that the jacks labeled "POWER AMP INSERT" found on the PMP6000 are actually inputs to the power amp section, and not true "insert jacks".