Here are some simple instructions on how to configure your PC and Connect a UCG102  With WINDOWS 7 (32 or 64 bit) and record with Audacity.    

Begin by downloading the correct driver for your system from the following link.


Install the driver on your computer. Following the prompts as they appear, one of which will involve plugging the UCG102 into a free USB port, so make sure you have one available.


When this is doneclick START on your desktop then open up CONTROL PANEL and select HARDWARE & SOUND > SOUNDNext click the RECORDING TABFrom the list of devices select:UCG102 USB AUDIO CODECset it as the default device (you may have to double click it to enablethe device)At this point Plug your guitar into the UCG102 and start playing, you should see theaudio coming in on the green meter next to the selected input in the recording window, thisindicates that it is working.Now click the playback tab and select:UCG102 USB AUDIO CODECset it as the default device (you may have to double click it to enable the device)You may at this point wish to play some audio from your computer (windowsmedia player for example), it should appear in the green meter next to the selecteddevice in the playback window. If you plug your headphones into the UCG102 you can hear the audio.

This is the physical connection and driver assignment sorted, now you canclose all the control panel windows.Next, Launch Audacity. If you have already downloaded and installed Audacity then the Audacity icon will appear on your desktop as a shortcut ( a pair of blue headphones with yellow and red sine waves between them), simply double left click that icon to launch Audacity.If you don't already have Audacity then you can download it here: the tool bar at the top of the screen select EDIT > PREFERENCES, the preferences box will pop up.Within the box, on the left hand side is a list of options, select DEVICES (top of the list)The Devices box will appear, this box contains 4 drop-down boxes.The second drop-down box is entitled PLAYBACK, from that list select the driver you have installed, it will look something like this:UCG102 USB AUDIO CODEC ASIOThe third drop-down box is entitled RECORDING, from that list select the driver you have installed, it will look something like this: UCG102 USB AUDIO CODEC ASIOThe Fourth drop-down box is entitled Channels, from that select

1 (MONO)Once you've done all that click RECORDING from the list of options on the left hand side.At the top it says PLAYTHROUGH, under that you'll see two check boxesOVERDUB and SOFTWARE PLAYTHROUGH.TICK BOTH OF THESE BOXES.Once you've done all that click OK and the box will close.Next, at the top of the screen in Audacity you'll see two meters (bothhave L and R written to the left of them)Hover your mouse over the RIGHT hand side one (this is the input meter)Click the left mouse button ONCE anywhere in the meter boxNow start playing your audio, you will see it coming in on the meter andyou should hear it too, the left hand side output meter will show outputaudio as well. Now simply hit record and play your audio, you will see the waveform forming as the audio is recorded, when your done hit stop.