How to update your Frame's firmware using Lake Controller.Download the latest version of Lake Controller here:
  • This video will take you through how to update the firmware on your Lake frames.
  • Before we get started, make sure your Lake software is up to date, or the version you wish to use, and your frame is connected.
  • First of all we have to navigate to the Lake Controller folder in our Program Files.
  • We go to our C: drive, Program Files (x86), Lake, and go in to the latest version of Lake, or the version of Lake you wish to use for the firmware on the device.
  • Then, open up the Lake Update Application, select our frame from the list, for the purpose of this demonstration we are using a PLM+20K44, and then select the network adapter were connected on.
  • On the following screen we can see the connected frames and their current version of firmware. If your frames firmware is not up to date with this version of Lake then there will be a red X next to the firmware version.
  • To start the update we select the frame from the list and press update.
  • Read the information in the update window before proceeding and, when youre ready, click ok and the update will begin.
  • The only difference between updating the PLM+ and D series compared to older LAKE products is that, since version 6.5 of LAKE, the PLM+ and D Series will power cycle as part of the update.
  • If we were using one of the older Lake units we would have to manually power cycle the frame by unplugging the power from the back, not just turning the frame onto standby and off again.
  • The Lake Updater will prompt us when it has finished updating the firmware, and now we just wait until the frame restarts and loads the latest firmware, this may take a few minutes.
  • Once it is complete you will see a green tick next to the frame in the Lake Updater.