Below are all the new features implemented in the Flashback Delay 2. 
  • MASH switch:  MASH technology adds an expression pedal to your ordinary foot switch that allows you to control FX parameters dynamically.  The feature works via a force sensor in the foot switch that measures the weight (up to 10 kg) and can control up to 3 parameters at once.  Mash functionality can be disabled in the editor
  • All new Analog and Tape delay emulation -  finally we have a realistic tape delay model with all the fun aspects, but without the maintenance J  It includes WOW and Flutter emulation and even motor control, that lets you set how fast the delay time will change when turning Knob or using MASH
  • New Crystal delay type -  you might have heard of Shimmer reverb Fx and this is the delay equivalent. Technically it is an Octaver that sits in the feedback Loop of a delay and produces the typical cascading washes of sound. Our version is highly customisable
  • Added subdivisions (editor only)  -  Compared to Flashback Delay "1 " you have now much more subdivisions to choose from and divisions can also be assigned to MASH switch for tempo synced change of delay time.  -> added all subdivisions from triple delay
  • Graphical EQ/Filter view in editor
  • Digital delays now fully stereo and you can set individual delay times and feedback for each channel
  • Support for external Tap tempo switch (no more audio tapping)  à has to be activated via TonePrint editor
  • Toneprint editor now remembers its current settings after toneprint has been stored to pedal J
  • Looper can now be stopped and started again just like the little Ditto Looper
  • Looper can be remote controlled via editor