Question: Is it possible to separate the outputs on Perform-VK to have a vocals only output or Dual Mono style outputAnswer: Currently, the only output option for the Perform-VK is a summed stereo option. This means it is not possible to separate the outputs in a Dual Mono style, with the instrument coming out of one output and the vocals coming out of the other. However, it is possible to have a vocals only output, with a bit of trickery and "cables to no-where"!It's easiest to explain in picture form: User-added imageWell how does this work The unit will sum up the signals coming in from the inputs, and put them out through the output as stereo. In this case, the unit is receiving sound from the left instrument input, and silence from the right, and vocals on both sides. When only using the right output, it will look at whats coming in through the right input - silence - and pass that out to your mixer/PA! It will still pass your vocals, and it will still follow the chords your play on your instrument for Naturalplay.