The DL231 is a 24 in, 24 out, active microphone splitter. Each input has two MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers that act independently of each other allowing independent gain control from AES50 devices. This video will take you through the menu options on the DL231 and their application.To access the menu, we press and hold the menu button on the front panelThe first option is to set our MicSplit ID. Multiple MicSplitter boxes connected to a console will require different MicSplit IDs. When connecting to consoles we will need to set the ID in the consoles Diagnostics Config as well as which head amp will feed the console, A or B.Channels A and B refer to the two AES50 channels on the DL231. We can set the AES50 Sync source for each channel under the AES50 Sync menu. We select the channel we want to change and set it to sync from channel A, channel B, or Internally.The analogue outputs on the back of the DL231 can receive audio from three different locations. In the Output Source menu, we can choose to receive our audio from AES50 Channel A, AES50 Channel B, or straight from the Mic Amps on the back of the DL231. The gain for the Mic Amps needs to be controlled from a console connected to either AES50 Channel A or B.The 48v for the Mic Amps is also controlled from a console connect via AES50. This is set in the 48V Control menu, where you can select control from channel A or B.Under Sample Rate, we can choose any combination of 96kHz and 48kHz for our A and B channel.MIDI control, like 48V control, is assigned to either AES50 Channel A or Channel B.The AES50 Status menu contains an error count for each of the pins on the AES50 Channels for both the primary connection and the redundant connection.At the bottom of the menu, we can check our software version, and reset all of our settings.