The Lab Gruppen Device Control is a useful piece of software for configuring C series and FP series Frame. We will go through the offline features of the software with some basic configurations.Once we have Device Control open, we can add a device by selecting Add Device from the toolbar, and then select our amplifier from the list, then Add.Double-clicking on the device in our list brings us to the DIP Switches page. Here we can use the data from our speaker specifications to work out our dip switch configurations.If we look at the specifications for the Tannoy VX 12 we can see that the recommended amplifier power is 400 watts at 8 ohms. In Device Control we set our impedance to 8 ohms on the Power and sensitivity calculator and out Output power is calculated.We now adjust our VPL to match the Output power as close to our specifications. If we cant match our power exactly, it is better to use the closest value below the specified power. If we have multiple speakers on a channel, for example, three in parallel, we can adjust to the new impedance and the calculator will display our new output power.The fourth switch on the on the channel is VPL mode, which is either a soft or hard knee. Generally, wed use a soft knew for tops and a hard knee for subs.We can now use the DIP switch setting on Device Control to configure our amplifier.