The Lake Controller software provides a unified interface for the Lab.gruppen PLM, PLM+, LM, and D series. This video will take you through Lakes file structure and locations.

When we install Lake, two main folders are created. One in Documents, and one in Program Files.

Both folders will contain unique directories for each version of Lake we have installed.

In the Program Files folder, we have our Applications.  This includes Lake Controller, the LakeUpdate tool, and the Frame PresetManagers.  There is also a folder that contains all the up to date Lake operation manuals, data sheets, references guides, and more so you will have all your documentation wherever you have Lake, no need to visit the website every time.

In this folder, there is a shortcut to the Documents folder called "User Data Files and Logs" which will allow for easy navigation from the Start menu.

This folder contains our logs, Config files, FramePresets, Modules and EQ Overlays, and SystemFiles.

If we have multiple versions of Lake Controller we can copy our preset files between the different version folders.

Download the latest version of Lake Controller from the Lake Processing or Lab Gruppen websites.