Lake controller uses UDP to communicate with networked Frames and can encounter issues when another program has allocated a UDP port necessary for the Lake network. We will go through how to locate running programs that are interfering with our network.If we open Lake Controller and select our network adaptor, we get this error message explaining that ports 6004 or 6017 are in use. We need to close the programs using these ports and reopen Lake Controller. We will do this by finding the programs Process Identifier and closing it from Task Manager.After closing Lake Controller we go to command prompt. Here we show all active connections by typing netstat ano and pressing enter.Under the Local Address column, we look for the corresponding port number, located at the end of the UDP address. Once we have located our port we make a note of the Process Identifier in the last column.We open up Task Manager and go to Processes. If we dont have a Process Identifiers column click View, then Select Columns, and tick the PID (Process Identifier). Under the Processes tab locate the Process Identifier to determine which application is using the required UDP port.In this example, our port is currently being used by the LakeUpdate tool. So we can just end the process and reopen Lake Controller as normal.Download the latest version of Lake Controller here: