Quintessence Harmony can absolutely be used as a detuner.Check out the  Detune templates in the TonePrint editor (UnisonicMASH),  where the harmonizer is set to unison mode. This means that the two voices are on same interval but slightly detuned.) This is done by setting tonebend intervals for the two harmony voices  to 1 halftone / -1 halftone and then mapping MASH to control tonebend percent. Now if you set TP max/MASH max value to 100%, it will bend a full halftone up/down. However, by setting it at 30%, you just bend a couple of cents and get great static chorus type sounds. You can then change the degree of detuning with the MASH switch.If you want a static detune, just set the tonebend percent parameter to a low value. Here are the parameter settings for the dynamic detune settings, where you use the MASH switch to set amount of detune and revert back to a clean sound when MASH is released.If you want it to be static, just set the two Tonebend percent Parameters to 5-10% or change the mash Default curve Modifier value to same values.User-added image