1. First, install the MIDI utility, MIDI-OX, to your computer. This can be downloaded from the following website: 2. Next, with a MIDI to USB interface, connect the MIDI OUT of the MIDI interface to the MIDI IN of the FBQ1000 with a standard MIDI cable. 3. Then, on the FBQ1000, press and hold the STORE button. The digital display should show '-', which would indicate that the unit is in upgrade mode You should then:- Turn off the device- Then press and hold STORE- Then power on the deviceThe device will countdown on the display to around 0-30. When finished, it will automatically reboot and be ready for step 4. 4. Open the MIDI-OX program and click OPTION > MIDI DEVICE. Select the MIDI to USB interface that you are using to connect the computer to the FBQ1000 and then click OK to confirm.  5. Then, click on VIEW > SysEx . In the dialog box, click the COMMAND WINDOWS > LOAD FILE. Load the latest firmware file for the FBQ1000, accessible here 6. Next, click Sysex ..> CONFIGURE, and set the parameters shown in the image below. Click OK. If you increase now the Delay Between Buffers from 60 ms to minimum 100 ms (or higher), the dump should work.User-added image7. Then, click on COMMAND WINDOW > SEND Sysex to send the digital upgrade process instructions to the FBQ1000, and wait for the upgrade to carry out automatically.  Once this has finished, then the update will be complete.