This is quite easy:-Download the latest version of the TonePrint editor from the TC website- Connect your QT pedal to the USB port of your computer-Start TP editor-Once it has started, detected your pedal and asked you to select a TP position, click on editor tap- Now, click on the Template drop down menu and select either the 'Octaver up' or 'Octaver down' template- Modify settings to your liking and then just click on Store to pedal to save the toneprint permanently to one of the TP memory locations.Here you can see the setting for the Tp:User-added imageIt is important to use the 1 voice mode to get a classic octavising effect. Then, you just set the interval for Harmony Voice 1 to either Octave up or down. By programming the MASH switch you can bend the signal further up or down (max. +/-2 octaves in total):User-added image