Question Where can I get the TC Native Reverb 2.03 Update for Windows

You can download the TC Native Reverb 2.03 Update from the link below. This update fixes the incompatibilities with Steinbergs Wavelab v3.03d. Please note: This update is for the TC NativeReverb (VST) stand-alone-version, which comes with the Steinberg Producer Pac or with the CubaseVST update. This installer does not update the TC Native Reverb which is part of the TC Native Bundle, nor the DirectX version of TC Native Reverb. Installation:
  1. Please insert your original TC NativeReverb CD into the systems first CD-Rom drive.
  2. Start the downloaded installer and follow the instructions.
  3. You are asked for the TC NativeReverb serialnumber and for the ID-Code - please use the original information you have received with the plug-in.