Q: Where can I learn more about "X" feature A: The best place to check first is our YouTube channel where we have a ton of tutorials. You can find a link to our channel here: Q: Will GoXLR work with a USB microphoneA: GoXLR is designed to work best with XLR microphones (hence the name). However, if your USB microphone has a 3.5mm monitoring jack, you can use a 3.5mm cable to connect your USB microphone to the 3.5mm mic input on GoXLR. Be careful with setting up your audio routing to not create any audio loops. Q: Can I use wireless headphones with GoXLR A: It depends on your model of wireless headphones. If your wireless headphones have a 3.5mm input on their mixamp/base/dongle, you simply connect a 3.5mm cable from the headphone output of GoXLR to the Line In on your wireless headphone base. Q: What microphone should I get for GoXLR A: There are many factors to what makes a great microphone for streaming. There is no correct answer.Q: What headphones do I need for GoXLR A: You'll want to have analog headsets or a USB headset with analog inputs somewhere. All audio is routed and mixed on GoXLR and is sent out of the headphone jack. Q: I can't hear ___. What should I do" A: There are __ places where audio routing can "go wrong." Here is the order of things to check:1. Check the Routing Table and make sure your source is checked. Even if it is, uncheck it and recheck it to be safe. If this resolves your issue - resave the profile.2. Check the app's designated output. Sometimes Windows and/or the app can reset your sound device without warning.3. Go to your System Tray (bottom right hand corner of Windows), right click on the Speaker icon, and click on "Open Sound Settings." From there, click on "Open App Volume & Device Preferences." Make sure your program is outputting to your designated output. You may need to retoggle this as there is a bug in Windows that causes your output to appear to be select but actually isn't. To "retoggle" select any other output and then switch back to your designated output Q: My computer blue screened when I plugged in GoXLR. What do I do" A: We have recently discovered an issue with some motherboards addressing sound cards like GoXLR. Use a USB 2.0 port to resolve the issue. Q: I have a USB microphone and it doesn't sound right when plugged in to the 3.5mm mic jack. What do I do A: First, make sure your USB microphone is disabled as a Playback and Recording device in Control Panel > Sound. Second, turn the GoXLR gain down to 0, the headphone gain up to 100, and the USB microphone gain to a modest level (usually around 40%). From there, use Mic Setup in the System Tab of the GoXLR App to raise the gain to the proper level.Q: My audio cuts out from any number of different sources periodically. How do I fix this A: We've identified the issue of applications and other audio inputs/outputs trying to hijack audio from time to time. This issue is usually resolved by disabling non-TC-Helicon devices in Sounds and uninstalling applications like Voicemeter, Elgato Game Capture, and any other applications that address audio routing. If the issue persists, a great alternative solution is a program called EarTrumpet. EarTrumpet is a free program that you can download here: