Download and install Windows Driver 4.38.

Download and install the DN32-LIVE Firmware A12 onto the DN32-LIVE Card. The Driver and firmware are available from here.   

DN32-LIVE Expansion Card firmware can be updated from the console surface via USB stick

  1.  Download the DN32-LIVE firmware update file and store it to the root directory of a USB stick.
  2.  Plug the USB stick into the M32 console top/front panel, while it is still switched off.
  3.  Hold the USB Recorder View button depressed while powering the console up.
  4.  The updater will search the USB root and start installing the DN32-LIVE card firmware automatically.
  5.  The update process can take up to 5 minutes and will inform you upon successful completion.
  6.  Once complete, power cycle the console again, in order to get back into normal operation.

 NOTE: Make sure the update files for card firmware and console firmware are not used in the USB root directory at the same time. Do one after the other. You may however, copy the console firmware file into any sub-folder on the USB drive and start the update from Setup/Global console UI.