There are occasions where you may need an earlier version of Lake Controller: system compatibility, debugging, or even repairing Lake products. However, we recommend using the latest software and firmware available as these may include fixes for harmful bugs.  To find an earlier version of Lake Controller, go to our website at or or  



From the home page, click the "Downloads" tab.  Tick mark the box to "Show Legacy Versions".




From the download center, tick mark the box to "Show All Versions".




Select you applicable product using the group categories.  The page results will now display earlier versions of  Lake Controller Software.  There may be several pages worth of results depending on the product, so be sure to tab

through the page results until you see the appropriate download.  NOTE: the current version of Lake Controller Software at the time of publishing this article is Version 7.0.0. 

New versions are released periodically to address feature requests and bug fixes.  Check back regularly for the most updated version of Lake Controller Software.