Yes, it is possible to use this speaker with a turntable, however, there are a number of things worth taking into consideration.  While it is not uncommon for people to use studio monitors in Hi-Fi applications, they are designed to be used more in a Studio environment. Studio monitors are designed to give a flatter frequency response in order for the engineer to pick up on any flaws within the recording, whereas Hi-Fi speakers are designed in a way that work better for the final piece. With this in mind, you may not get the sound you are looking for from your records and they may sound dull or lacking punch in certain areas.  Another thing to take into consideration is that these are active speakers and have a built-in amplifier.  While this is useful, as you do not need to buy a separate amplifier to power them, it is a downfall if you wish to upgrade your system in the future.  Please also note that these do not have a Phono Pre-Amp built in, It is a standard line level Pre-Amp. A Phono Pre-Amp is usually dedicated to turntables/Hi-Fi amps and receivers and has different impedance than usual Pre-Amps, it also has a grounding fork connection. With this in mind, you will need to have the addition of a separate Phono Pre-Amp but please also check the specifications of your Turntable as some will come with their own built-in Pre-Amp. For more information on how to connect the Reveal 402's with a Turntable please take a look at the following here.