Question I lost my 100 factory presets from G-System Red Limited Edition. How can I recover them Answer No worries, there are two possible ways to recover these presets:
  1. Either make a firmware update. Available here - or - 
  2. Use the Vyzor Editor for G-System. It is located here for downloading
The Vyzor includes the Red Limited Edition factory presets file called "Red Hot Edition Presets.sqs" It would be the same procedure as for the standard G-System and the Vyzor Editor also includes the G-System standard version factory presets called: "Factory Set.sqs" The Web pages are different for the G-System standard version and the Red Limited Edition but actually both the firmware update and the Vyzor Editor are exactly the same. The general differences between the Red Limited Edition and standard version are obviously the anodised red color as well as some hardware improvements.  Please see this topic regarding the three versions of the G-System.