Question: I love the sound of my BG250-208 but sometimes I would like to connect cabs with 10", 12" or 15" speakers. How does it work What can I do and what should I not do May I disconnect internal speakers Answer: The power output of the BG250-208 with the internal speakers is around 150/175 watt @ 8 ohm load. When you connect an external cab (8 ohm only) you will get the full 250 watt power @ 4 ohm load with internal speakers AND the external cab because they will work together in parallel mode. If you do not want to use internal speakers, it is possible by simply disconnecting the Speakon cable coming from the internal speakers. (speaker out socket on the amp)
  • You can use one 8 ohm cabinet for around 150/175 watt power. 
  • You can use one 4 ohm cab or two 8 ohm cabs. In both cases you will get 4 ohm the minimum load for the BG250-208 which will deliver full 250 watt power.
Warning: when you use ext cabs for a total of 4 ohm always remove the internal speakers (speaker out socket) otherwise you will drop below 4 ohm (the minimum impedance for the BG250-208) and risk the potential of damaging your BG250-208.