In order to start recording and monitoring audio in Reaper with your Behringer audio interface you will need to use the correct settings. This article will guide you through a few simple steps to get you up and running in Reaper as soon as possible.
  1. First of all make sure that you have the latest driver installed for your device. You can find these at the Music Tribe website.
  2. Open Reaper and click Options and then Preferences.
  3. Under Audio on the left hand menu select Devices.
  4. In the Audio System drop down menu select ASIO.
  5. On the next drop down menu titled ASIO Driver select UMC ASIO Driver.
  6. In Windows right click the Speaker Icon on your task bar and select Playback Devices.
  7. Right click your UMC interface and select Properties.
  8. Click the Advanced tab and under the Default Format drop down select your desired sample rate and bit depth.
  9. In your Reaper Preferences window make sure that the sample rate is set the same as in your Playback Device Properties.
  10. Your interface is now set up and ready to use.