Question I'm interested in the Nova System but I notice that  that  the pre-summer 2011 systems had digital In/Out provided through S/PDIF and at the time of writing that this was discontinued. My question is does the Nova System now have S/PDIF I want to interface with my DAW. Answer No. Older Nova Systems (pre-summer 2011) had S/PDIF in/out ports, which is why it you can find "Digital In" in the Levels menu. Because we were no longer able to source the required parts for digital ins and outs on the Nova System, the S/PDIF option was removed from the new Nova System. That's why a special firmware version is required, which basically just removes the "Digital Input" option in the Levels menu. If you want a Nova System with S/PDIF in/out, you may be able to find a second hand unit. Of course before to buy it you will need to make sure that it has indeed S/PDIF in/out.