Question What are the differences between the Konnekt 24D and the Konnekt Live

In addition to the features found on the Konnekt 24D, the Konnekt Live adds these features: Control panel, Mixer page:
  • Fabrik C on all channels including DAW channel and outputs,
  • Selectable DAW channel,
  • RIAA plug-in with different RIAA filters.
Control panel, Setup page:
  • Light ring can be assigned to MIDI control,
  • Selectable source for Main outputs,
  • Balanced/unbalanced switch for analog outputs.
  • Fabrik C Live (DSP). Does all what Fabrik C does, and adds extra sources for live / mastering use,
  • Fabrik R Live (DSP). Does all what Fabrik R does, and adds more reverb algorithms,
  • ResFilter (Native). Great sounding resonant filter plug-in with inter communication bus that allows controlling multiple plug-in instances and parameters from one plug-in,
Furthermore, the Konnekt Live includes a cable for connecting a turntable to inputs 1+2.