new logo @.png COMBOS.jpg In this article we will show the process of installing and unlocking Native Instruments Combos Software in partnership with Behringer.   - Put the NI Combos CD included in the box of the UCG102 into your computer and inspect the folder using explorer if the Auto Run feature doesn't start. Then go into the 'NI Guitar Combos' folder as the image shows below. combo01.jpg   -In that folder you will see 3 zip files named as below in the image. Copy these into a folder on your hardrive and extract them. In each folder there will be a setup file. Launch one of them by double clicking or right click then 'run as administrator'.  combo02.jpg   -The following message will appear in most cases, just choose the option 'Yes'.
combos03.jpg   -The installation will then start, follow the procedure by clicking 'Next' and then 'I accept' after reading through the license agreement. .combos04.jpg