* INPUT control adjust to desired level

LOW CUT button press this IN if you want to keep signals below 25 Hz from running through the system (for speaker protection).

DELAY control can be used to delay the LOW signal by up to 2 seconds (for speaker alignment).

*LOW OUTPUT control adjusts the LOW signal level by +6 to 6 dB

LOW PHASE INVERT button reverses the LOW out polarity

LOW MUTE button mutes the LOW band if needed

* HIGH OUTPUT control adjusts the HIGH signal level by +6 to 6 dB

HIGH PHASE INVERT button reverses the HIGH output polarity

HIGH MUTE button mutes the HIGH band if needed

CD HORN button provides frequency correction on the HIGH band if CD horns are used.

THRESHOLD control determines the limiter threshold

LIMITER button activates all limiters


BACK PANEL Connectors and controls L to R that are used for channel 1

(Note: the printing at the very bottom of the back panel pertains to 2-way use)


*MODE buttons the left button needs to be IN, while the right button is OUT to select 2-way operation

LF SUM button not used in single channel operation. When used with 2 inputs it allow you to combine (SUM) both LOW signals and use a single (LOW/LF SUM) output.

* HIGH output connector to HIGH frequency amp

* LOW output connector to LOW frequency amp

*XOVER FREQ button determines whether the LOW/HIGH OVER FREQ knob on the front panel is used to select crossover points between 44 to 930 Hz or between 440 Hz to 9.3 kHz.

* INPUT the signal from the mixer or other device goes here.