The following will allow you to operate the DR400 Digital Reverb/Delay to its full potential:1.  Connect the guitar to the input jack of the DR400 with a 1/4" instrument cable.2.  Connect the amp to the output A jack of the DR400 with a 1/4" instrument cable.3.  OPTIONAL:  Connect a secondary amp to the output B jack of the DR400 for a full stereo effect.4.  Use the BALANCE control to determine the balance between the dry signal and the effect signal.5.  Use the TONE/F.BACK control to adjust the reverb's tonal character in REVERB mode and the number of repetitions in DELAY or DLY+REV mode.6.  Use the R.TIME/D.TIME control to adjust the reverb time in REVERB mode or the delay time in DELAY mode.7.  Use the MODE control to select which mode the DR400 is in.As always, experiment with the controls until the desired effect is achieved.