- Set up the Destination console as you would like all of the configuration and preferences of the console set.- Load the show file but DO NOT RECALL A SCENE.- Create and store a dummy scene at the end of the show. This will overwrite the preferences and configuration part of the original show file with the new preferences and configuration from the destination console.- Make sure that automate patching box is un-ticked (this is on the preferences shows tab).- On the first scene check that all of the patching as required.If there are input patch changes on a scene by scene bases in the original show automate patching being disabled does not stop these input patch changes. You will need to check each scenes patching. If this is the case you can set up the patching as you require on the first scene and store a patching preset. This can then be copied to each scene by just stepping through the scenes recalling the patching preset to each scene and over storing.