There are some things that need to happen to use multiple BCF2000s on one computer:

- Each BCF2000 should have its own USB port.
- Each BCF2000 will need a different DEVICE ID NUMBER

To Set The Device ID:

First you must be out of any EMULATION MODE

When in emulation mode, everything is neatly pre-mapped, however you cannot change any of the assignments of any of the faders and buttons.

To Exit Emulation Mode: 

1. Power down the BCF2000.
2. Power up your unit. while holding the first button to the left, top row of the buttons at the top of your BCF2000. 

Now To Set The Device ID : 

1. While holding down the EDIT button, press STORE.
2. On the TOP ROW of encoders, turn the encoder labelled VAL 2 (5th one from the left) to set the Device ID.
3. Press EXIT.

Once the device ID is set, put each unit into the appropriate emulation mode.