Use of the DELAY menu


1.  Press the channel 1 SELECT switch so that it lights up.


2.  Press the PHASE/DELAY switch in the PROC (process) bank to access the delay menu.


3.  Press master controller 1 (the knob to the far left , under the display) to switch between '+' (in phase) and '-' (phase reversed by 180º ). Set the phase to '+'.


4.  Use master controller 2 (FEEDBACK) to route the output signal from the delay unit back to the input, which allows you to create an 'echo' effect. Positive settings produce in-phase feedback, and negative settings produce reverse-phase feedback. Set this control to '10%'.


5.  Use master controller 3 (MIX) adjusts the amount of delayed signal in relationship to the input signal, which can vary from 0% (input signal) to 100% (delay signal only). Set the MIX at '15%'.


6.  Use master controller 4 to determine the DELAY duration, which can vary from 0 to 276 ms, and is indicated in milliseconds (MS), distance in meters (M), samples (SMP) and beats per minute (BPM). Set the DELAY to '124MS'. The display will also show the DELAY setting as '42.0 m' (meters), '5930SMP' (samples) and a variety of BPM (beats per minute) of different note values. At this point you would normally use master controller 6 to switch the DELAY page to 'IN' so that the settings will apply to the channel that you've selected.


7.  Use master controller 3 to adjust the MIX percentage to varying amounts, until you find the sound that you like.


8.  Change the MIX setting to '30%' and the DELAY will be more pronounced.