The Polytune 3 combines the TC Electronic’s high accuracy pedal tuner with the power of their Bonafide Buffer. This makes the Polytune 3 a very useful pedal to have at the start of your pedal chain, as it can give your signal that extra boost it needs to get through your signal chain without a large drop off. However, some users may wish to use the tuner without its buffer, dependent on whether they already have buffers in their signal chain.

The Polytune 3 has three modes: True Bypass, Buffered Bypass, and Buffered Bypass (Display Always On). To change mode, first you need to take the back plate off the Polytune, using a large flat headed screwdriver.

  Polytune 3 With Battery Cover Removed.

In the top left corner of the device, you can see a small panel with two switches. Use these switches to access the three device modes, with the configurations given below:

True Bypass = both switches to the left.
Buffered bypass = both switches to the right.
Buffered Bypass (Display Always On) = top switch to the right, bottom to the left.