Your Deepmind device features a wide range of parameters with which you can mould and evolve your sound. In order to make these parameters even more accessible while playing or letting a sequence run, Behringer have released a companion iPad app. Simply search “Deepmind 12” in the app store to find and download this.

Once you have the app on your iPad, you’ll need to connect the tablet to your synthesiser. Follow the steps below in order to achieve this:

1.    On your Deepmind, press the ‘Global’ button, then hit Bank Down until you get to ‘Network Settings’ and then push the ‘Yes’ button.

Deepmind Global Menu

2.    Rotate the encoder pot (the big knob between the ‘Bank’ and ‘Yes/ No buttons) until the mode is set to ‘Access Point.’ 

3.    Hit ‘Bank Down’ once more, and then rotate the encoder to the right to Enable this mode. Don’t navigate away from this screen as you’ll need information from it later.

Deepmind Network Menu

4.    Go into your iPad settings, navigate to the Wi-Fi menu, and then you should see ‘Deepmind 12D’ as an available network. Tap this to connect, and enter the password you can see on the screen of your Deepmind.

5.    Open the app, and navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu via the navigation bar at the top of the screen. 

6.    Tap the ‘Synth IP Address’ field and enter this as it appears under ‘IP’ on the screen of the Deepmind.

7.    Tap the Wifi MIDI button to enable it – you should see ‘Network Session 1’ appear as an input and an output device. Make sure these are both selected.

Deepmind App Settings

On completion of these steps, you should be able to navigate away from the Settings menu and use the iPad to control your Deepmind synthesiser.