WING - How Do I Use External Effects?

To use external effect units, you will first need to connect the input and outputs on the external unit to the input and outputs on the Wing. For this example we will be using the Aux input and output 1 connected to a Hall of Fame Pedal.

Once connected select the channel that you would like to use the effect on and select either the pre or post fade insert slot.

Select the FX Processor at the top of the screen and select an empty FX slot and then set the FX type to External. Depending on whether you selected the Pre or post fader slot you may already see signal going to the send. Select whether you would like the FX mode as Mono, Stereo or Mid side.

Next press the routing button and then the output icon. Unlock the Output Group and set this to “Aux Out” and set the source Group to FX send. This will now allow you to route the FX send for the slot the previously selected to the physical output on the console. For this example set FX send 1 L to Aux out 1.

Next return to the FX slot on channel 1. We now need to select the FX return, which is connected to Aux input 1. Once selected we should be able to see the Aux return level. If we now activate the FX slot you should hear the Reverb. You can adjust the Wet/Dry mix by selecting the FX Mix on the screen and adjusting the encoder on the bottom right of the display (by the blank button).

You can also do the same on a Mix bus, which will then allow you to send multiple channels to the external effect.