WING - Can I Record The Preamps And Post Fader At The Same Time? 

It is possible to record the Raw preamp and post fader (Including all inserts, dynamics etc) at the same time on 2 separate channels.

To do this, setup your input as you always would, and then all your channel processing. Next go into your routing menu, inputs and set the source group as User Signal. Select one of the User signal tiles, and on the right are the channel settings. Set the channel source as the input you are using for your channel and whether you want it Pre/Post fader, then stereo or mono. Next go to your Outputs and route the inputs and user signals to your USB output. Configure your channels in your DAW. Your normal inputs will be your raw Preamp and the user signal will then be taken Post fader.

Please see the following video for more information on User Signals;