While the Neutron is a monophonic synthesiser by design (it only produces one note at a time), it is possible to combine multiple Neutron units in a Poly Chain. This will allow you to play chords, with each Neutron handling a note and passing on unhandled notes, the number of voices only limited by the amount of Neutrons you have. This article explains how to set up a Poly Chain system.

1.    In order to turn Poly Chain mode on, hold down the ‘PARA’ button. The LED will flash once in mono mode, or twice in duo mode. All Neutrons except for the last in the chain need to be in Poly Chain mode for this to work. The setting on the last Neutron depends on your desired MIDI handling:

a.    If Poly Chain is on, the last Neutron will ignore any notes after the maximum number of voices (i.e. if you have three Neutrons, it will ignore the fourth note simultaneously inputted.)
b.    If Poly Chain is off, the last Neutron will allow new notes to ‘steal’ the note it plays (i.e. if you have three Neutrons and are already inputting three notes, adding a fourth will change the note played on the last Neutron to this new note.)

2.    Make all of the required connections. See diagrams below for a couple of ways you could go about doing this.

Note that, while in Poly Chain mode, a quick press of the ‘PARA’ button will still toggle PARA/DUO mode, letting you choose whether each Neutron voices separately on its two Oscillators or not.