The Wing has two talkback options, A & B, for which all settings can be set individually. The monitor/ talkback section is located in the top left hand corner of the console. Click the ‘View’ button here to begin.

On the screen, look to the bottom left for ‘TALKBACK,’ then tap the ‘edit’ option at the top of this section. You can then select which outputs the talkback mics are routed to: these can be bus outputs or main outputs. When a bus has been selected for routing, its square will light up orange. When a main output has been selected, it will light up blue.

Beneath the output routing is the ‘Auto Dim Monitor’ option. This allows you to choose to have the signal in the selected outputs dimmed when talkback is engaged. Once the dim amount is selected, you can use the encoder to the right of the screen to change the Dim Level (dB).

On the top right of the screen, you can select your talkback source. This is set up to be either channel 40 or Aux 8. When one of these is selected, that channel will be muted. The mute button will not unmute this: only engaging talkback will do so.

On the bottom right of the screen you can change the button mode for each of the talkback buttons, to change how the buttons react to being pressed:
-    Auto: A short press will engage in latch mode, whereas a longer push will engage in press mode.
-    Push mode: Talkback is only engaged as long as the button is held down.
-    Latch Mode: Talkback is turned on by a press, and turned off by a press.

See the video below for a demonstration: