Once you have got your X Touch connected with your DAW in Mackie emulation mode, controlling your plugins is a simple matter. Simply press the ‘SELECT’ button on the channel with plugins which you wish to control, and press the ‘PLUG-IN’ button in the Encoder Assign section at the top right corner of the console. You’ll then be able to choose which plugin on the channel you wish to control using the up and down arrows towards the bottom right corner of the device, with the names of the plugins appearing on the scribble strips. If the plugin you wish to control is already highlighted, simply press the encoder at the top of the channel strip.

You should now be able to see the plugin open on your screen. You should also see that the scribble strips now name different functions within the plugin that you can control using the X-Touch. Simply rotate the encoders and see the parameters change on screen in real time. If there are more parameters in the plugin than there are encoders on the X Touch, simply use the left/right arrow keys to the bottom right of the device to see more parameters that you can control with the X Touch.